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USPS Shipping Advanced

USPS Shipping Advanced
Get real time shipping rates from the USPS API with more accuracy using the Advanced USPS plugin for J2Store Joomla shopping cart.

The plugin comes with a number of features

Parcel packing methods :

These methods are based on the USPS API

1. Box packer - Packing into boxes.

2. Weight based packing

3. Individual item packing

Flat rate services

The flat rate box option creates a single quote based on USPS Flat Rate Services. To do this, the plugin uses the box packer alorithm applying the pre-defined USPS box dimensions. Packed boxes are then combined to offer a single rate

It is important to note that Flat Rate Shipping prices come directly from USPS, and you cannot add or modify pricing for this option.

Box Packing

This allows you to group items into packages. You can define height, width, length, weight and max-weight of each box you have and the packing is done using the volume based but also considers item size.


The box packer is volume based. This provides good results in most cases but are never be as accurate as a real person packing a box (see BIN Packing Problem). Therefore, it is important to understand that packing results are as accurate as possible, and any anomalies should be acceptable.

The box packing process is defined below:

  • Finds boxes that fit items being packed (uses H x W x D).
  • Packs all items into boxes (using volume).
  • Uses the largest box fitting 100% of items *or* uses the highest % packed box, and then passes unpacked items back (and repeats the process)
  • Packs unpackable items alone, using item dimensions.
  • Returns all packed boxes (parcels)
  • The plugin then sends the parcels to USPS API
  • The API returns the rates with applicable shipping services
  • The returned shipping services and rates are shown to the customer

 Detailed documentation for the plugin can be found at our user guide.

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    Developer: J2Store
    Required J2Store Version: 3.2.10 +
    PHP version: 5.5 +