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Simple CSV Import/Export

Simple CSV Import/Export

In the process of creating and maintaining a site, there may be scenarios when you would like to edit the product details at a larger extent.

Opening each product's article and making the changes manually will not be the option you would desire. It is more tedious than it sounds.

You can export your products to a CSV file if you want to create a backup, move your existing products to a new store, or edit your products in bulk using a spreadsheet.

By exporting all your product data to a single spreadsheet would give you an easy way to make the changes and kep track of them easily. You can edit the product details and import it back to your store.

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Import products to your site with few clicks

So now that you are ready with a list of products and their date in a spreadsheet, you need not feed the data manually to each product.

You can import product data with just few clicks with this app.

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Avoid redundance

Worried about redundancies and duplicate entries?

With the options to update SKUs in case of similarities, there is no need to worry.

A one-stop place to edit your product details

Export all your product data and edit them as easy as it sounds.

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- Please note that the Simple CSV app does not support exporting of the Variable, Flexi variable and Advanced variable products , although you can import data like price after you created the variants manually.

- It only supports Joomla articles as products. It DOES NOT support other catalog sources like K2, Zoo etc.

- Product options, categories cannot be imported.

- It only supports the importing of the product data.



IMPORTANT: Take a FULL BACKUP of the site before using this app.


Developer: J2Store
Required J2Store Version: 3.2.10 +
PHP version: 5.5 +