Use Joomla articles to build your catalogue

Building an online store is as easy as ABC with J2Store. Just turn Joomla articles into products and sell online. No overhead to your site. Create your online store fast and easy. Add a price, images, tax, stock and more while creating article.



Think of T-shirts. T-Shirts come in different sizes and colours. So we can only sell them in combinations. Example: Casual TShirt (size: Medium, Colour: Blue). Here Medium Blue is a variant. J2Store comes with a built-in variant / combination generator, saving you the trouble of manually adding them. Just define the options (like size and colour) and let the J2Store work its magic. You can manage stock, price for each variant.


Configurable Products

Chain your product options. So customers can choose one option and get subsequent/ dependant options based on their first selection. Think of a Pizza. Only after the customer first chooses the type of the pizza, he can get to choose the extra toppings for it. A great way to guide customers to select their choices before adding product to cart

configurable products

Sell digital products

Sell PDFs, images, ebooks, magazines and more. Customers can order digital products and download them from your online store.

sell digital products

Multiple images

Add more than one image to your product. It looks better in your storefront and it helps you showcase your products in a better way.

multiple images

Organise your products

Help customers find products they want easily. Add product filters, sku and a brand name to them.

organise your products

Smart catalog management

Manage your products efficiently. J2Store offers quite a lot of advanced filters to search and sort your products.

smart catalog management

Import / Export

Import / export products from a CSV file. J2Store has a free app (Simple CSV) for importing large number of products from the CSV. This makes your life easy.

import export



Get 20 + ecommerce themes integrated with J2Store. Themes will help you build a beautiful storefront for you. Explore more at our Templates section


Mobile-friendly, Responsive design

J2Store is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. It supports both Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3 . So your customers will see beautiful, mobile-friendly product showcase and responsive checkout experience.

mobile-friendly responsive design

Multi-currency support

Sell in multiple currencies. Allow customers to buy in the currency of their preference. J2Store can auto update the currency exchange value for you. So all you have to do is create the currencies and publish the currency switcher module

multi currency support

Multi-lingual support

Create a multi-lingual online store. You can create multilingual product content. The cart and checkout pages can be translated. J2Store is currently translated in more than 35 + languages. You can get the translations from this page.

multi lingual support


Geozone based tax rules will help you sell to international customers. You can define multiple tax rates that apply to customers from different locations.


Do more with 100+ Apps and Plugins

Need some custom features like bulk discounts, reward points or integration with Amazon S3? Check our marketplace. It has 100 + apps and plugins to add more power to your online store. Browse apps and plugins.

do more with 100 apps and- plugins

Inventory (PRO feature)

Manage stock

Do not oversell. Set stock for your products. When the stock reaches zero, the product will automatically set to out of stock.


low stock notification

Single page inventory management

Manage your inventory in a single page. No need to open every product to manage your stock. Just use the single page to view, edit and manage stock for all products.

single page inventory management


Stock display

The store offers two different types of display. You can set to show the available stock or you can show the stock information only after it reached the low stock threshold.

stock display

Auto-cancel incomplete orders and return stock

You can set a time interval for the shop to automatically cancel the order and return the stock (if customer did not successful pay for the order). This ensures that your other customers are able to purchase the item.

auto cancel incomplete orders and return stock

Discounts and marketing tools

Discount codes and coupons (PRO feature)

Increase sales by offering discount coupon codes. Run promotions and attract more customers by giving them discounts.

discount codes and coupons

Vouchers (PRO feature)

Retain customers by offering them redeemable vouchers. Offering a voucher encourages customers to spend more


Up-sells and cross-sells

Recommend the customers with similar products and generate additional sales. Cross-Selling is to recommend the customer to buy products related to the one they are purchased or about to buy. If they buy, for example, a mobile phone, suggest them mobile phone covers, screen guards, or power banks.

up sells and cross sells

Customer group pricing

Sell your products at different prices to a diverse group of customers. Offer special prices to customers belonging to a specific group. Take advantage of the Joomla user groups to set different prices for different customers.

customer group pricing

Date range based pricing:

Run a Christmas offer from December 20 to 25. You can run offers on holidays and special events. You can run offer discounted pricing to customers during this period.

date range based pricing

Quantity discounts:

Offer discounts to customers for bulk purchases. You can define a discounted price based on the quantity purchased using the advanced pricing.

quantity discounts

SEO optimized

Use the J2Store's product list layout to take advantage of the Microdata / Rich snippet. The layout natively supports the schema thus ensuring a better visibility in the search results.

seo optimized

Store management

Email templates

Send beautiful order notifications / emails to your customers. Take full control over the design of your email notifications.Add dynamic variables to your email with short codes.

email template


Manage your customers at one click. View all their orders, addresses in a single page. This helps you identify customers of value and retain them.


Effective Order management

Manage your orders more effectively. J2Store provides an intuitive order management interface. You can change the status and print your orders without opening them.

effective order management


Handle returns effectively. You can accept partial returns or full cancellation of orders. You can cancel the order in whole or only a few items and the stock could be updated with a single click.


Export orders

All the order data could be exported as a CSV. It will help you if you are using the order data in other systems.

export orders

Invoice templates

Allow customers to view a beautifully designed invoices / order information.Add your logo and company information easily.



Get analytics from your online store. View itemized reports and detailed reports. J2Store has free reporting plugins that would help you drill down your sales data.


Create orders from backend

You can create an order for a customer from your Joomla backend and send the invoice to him. This will be useful when you take orders over phone or in person at your physical store.

create orders from backend

Sales statistics

Your store's dashboard gives a complete snapshot of the sales performance. You can quickly check the number of orders on the day, week, month. You can also see the data charted in a beautiful way.

sales statistics

One page checkout

Simple, one-page customer checkout

With J2Store, the entire checkout process is painless and uses Ajax technology that walks through the customers step by step without refreshing the page. Customers can place orders quickly and with confidence.

simple one page customer checkout

Checkout fields

Take full control of the billing and shipping fields in your checkout steps. You can reduce the number of fields to ensure faster checkout .

checkout fields

Custom fields at checkout

Get additional information from your customers. You can have text input fields, dropdown selections, radio / checkbox options to get more information from your customers when they checkout.

custom fields at checkout

Guest checkout

Allow customers to checkout as guest. This will help you increase your sales as people like hassle-free, secure checkout.

guest checkout

Shipping methods

Free shipping

One of the effective ways to increase the sales and conversion is to offer free shipping. J2Store comes with the free shipping plugin. You can also set a minimum order value limit to allow free shipping

shipping methods image

Free shipping discount

You can create special coupon codes that allow free shipping. When customers use the coupon code, their shipping will automatically be set to free. It helps customers save on the shipping and you can easily get returning customers

Built-in shipping methods

By default, J2Store comes with a standard shipping plugin with 7 shipping methods. You can create flexible shipping rates based on weight, quantity, price. You can also set a flat shipping rate per order.

Shipping carriers

Need integration with shipping carriers ? J2Store integrates with almost all shipping carriers including USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Australia Post, CanadaPost and Bring. Browse the shipping plugins.

shipping methods image 01

Payment Methods

Payment Plugins

You are fixing the last piece of your online store, aren't you? As the customer approaches the final step of the checkout process, the payment method is the last option they are left with to complete the process. Once the payment option, except for Cash On Delivery, is made, the payment gateway comes into the scene. J2store supports multiple payment gateways to facilitate your business to segment customers from different countries. Optimize your payment methods using multiple payment gateways. Browse the payment plugins.

payment methods image
payment methods image 01



We have made extensive user documentation for J2Store. It is the first place to start while setting up your online store.Browse documentation


Video tutorials

We have made video turorials on important topics that will help you configure your store easily. Watch the video tutorials.



It is the best place to learn about selling online, tactics and best practices. You can discover quite a lot of information that will help you run and manage your online business.


Priority Ticket System

Need to get in touch with us directly? Use the ticket system. Our dedicated support team will help you solve the issues more quickly. Though we say our response time is within 24 hours, we used to get in touch within hours.

priority ticket system

Community forum

With more than 20,000 questions answered, our community forum is one of the best places to look for answers when you face any issues. It gives you opportunity to engage the vibrant J2Store community around the world. Start exploring our forums.