J2Store offers a plethora of means to evaluate our software, including free versions of our popular components, free access to our documentation (even for the Professional versions of our software) and the ability to ask pre-sales request through our Contact Us page. Moreover our software is provided with full source code and we need to protect ourselves from fraudulent users who subscribe only long enough to download our software with the sole intent of distributing unauthorised copied. As a result we follow a very strict refund policy.

1. Acceptable grounds for issuing a full refund

You are eligible for a full refund, with the exception of cases in Articles 2, 3 and 6:

    If you did not download any for-a-fee component from our site, you did not request support and requested your refund within 30 days since the date your invoice was issued. Exception: If all of the above conditions are met and you have paid VAT but request a refund request after the end of the calendar month of the date of your invoice you will not be refunded your VAT.
    The product you subscribed for is discontinued within 30 days since your subscription, no matter if you have downloaded the software or asked for support. Exception: this does not apply to us dropping support for a particular version of Joomla!, PHP or any other server-side or client-side software. Excepted cases are not eligible for refund.
    We came to the mutual conclusion that our software is not fit for your particular use case within 60 days of your subscription. Exception: If all of the above conditions are met and you have paid VAT but request a refund request after the end of the calendar month of the date of your invoice you will not be refunded your VAT.
    You have an issue unrelated to hosting setup and we fail to provide you with a viable alternative or a dev release with a fix for this issue within 8 work days. Please note that hosting account limitations are not acceptable grounds for a refund. We are talking about severe bugs with our software which we fail to fix in due time. Exception: we consider dev release to be a suitable fix; if you decline installing them on your site but choose to wait for an official or stable release we are not responsible for the delay and you are not eligible for a refund.
    Stolen credit card, PayPal account or other form of payment or financial instrument used to pay for the subscription. In this case we kindly request that you ask for a refund instead of filing a chargeback request with PayPal or your bank. Chargebacks requests with PayPal or your bank will lead to your account being permanently blocked and flagged as fraudulent across an extended network of Joomla!-related businesses.

2. Acceptable grounds for equivalent service provisioning instead of a refund

You are eligible for an equivalent (or higher) value service provisioning –such as modification of the subscription level and/or subscription length– in the following cases (exhaustive list):

    You bought the wrong subscription level by accident. In this case we will switch your subscription to the intended subscription level, adjusting the duration accordingly to the price difference or give you a discount coupon for the price difference. Exception: if you have downloaded the software made available by the wrong subscription level and this download is not allowed by your intended subscription level you are not eligible for equivalent service provisioning or a refund.
    Any case eligible for a full refund, upon your request. In this case we will give you a service of equal or, at our discretion, higher value instead of a full refund.

3. Termination without refund

We reserve the right to terminate accounts without refund or prior notice if you violate our published terms of service or become verbally abusive to our staff, other users of our site or our associates. In case such a user tries to resubscribe to our site we reserve the right to terminate his/her account without a refund or prior notice.

4. Partial refunds

In any other case not covered above you are eligible for a partial refund. Partial refunds are calculated as follows.

    VAT is non refundable and removed from the amount of money you paid. The price you paid minus the VAT is called hereafter "net value". If you didn't pay for VAT (i.e. you are a non-EU subscriber or a VIES-registered business in the EU) the total sum you paid is to be considered the "net value".
    The following are subtracted from the net value:
        15% + 0.60€ for non-recoverable banking, tax and accounting expenses
        20€ refund fee, charged by the payment processors and banks
        10€ for each support ticket we answered during your subscription term, irrespective of the number of posts and/or outcome of your request
        10€ for each for-a-fee component you downloaded, irrespective of the number of times and/or versions you downloaded
    The number of full months remaining in your subscription is then multiplied by this result and divided by 12. That's the amount of your refund.
    If the refund amount is negative, no refund is given and no further charge is requested either.

In any case, your account is terminated immediately upon asking for a refund.

5. How refunds are carried out

Refunds are processed by the same payment processor you used to subscribe. Refunds are issued up to 7 business days after they are requested. The actual date of receiving the refund depends on the payment processor and the method of payment. Usually refunds via PayPal are credited within a few hours and refunds through a credit card company may take up to two months. This period of time is outside our control.

6. Exceptional cases where refund requests are declined

    Requests for refund without account termination. When you request for a refund your account will be terminated. Exception: cases stated in Article 2, resulting in equivalent service provisioning.
    Our subscriptions include download and support services. These services cannot be separated or refunded individually. You get all or nothing. Refund requests on grounds of not needing downloads or not needing support (but keeping your subscription with us) will be declined. It's, in fact, the same case as above.
    You were not sure if something was possible with our software and you didn't use the Contact Us page to request pre-sales support. In this case the rules of partial refund (Article 4) will be applied to you, irrespective of when you ask for a refund.
    Refund requests are not granted after your subscription expiration, even if you did not download our software and/or use our support services.
    Refund requests are not granted if the subscriber individual or company deceases, becomes insolvent, end their business activity or any other case where they cease to exist as a legal or physical entity.

7. Updates to the refund policy

This refund policy can be updated at any time, without prior notice and is applicable immediately and retroactively for all subscriptions and subscribers. It is considered an integral part of our Terms of Service and its acceptance is mandatory for all users.