Change logs

Version 3.3.20


  • Added new SagePay plugin with form based integration as SagePay Direction method is removed by the payment processor

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - Issue in publishing J2Store admin modules in other positions
  • Fixed - SKU issue in the Advanced Variable product types
  • Fixed - Variant selection issue after deletion


Version 3.3.19


  •  Improved compatibility with PHP 8.x
  • Option to hide Price and SKU for guest users

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - In certain PHP environments, the cart object type produces a warning.
  • Fixed - Issue with schema for Grouped products
  • Fixed - Duplicate product ID display when using short code
  • Fixed - Fatal error when using Schema app with position
  • Fixed - Zone / state update issue when customer editing the address


Version 3.3.18

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - Low stock message should display when there is a quantity set.
  • Fixed - Extra access level check in My profile page.


Version 3.3.17


- J2Store now has a JSON based Schema / Google Rich Snippets implementation. Also, it is implemented as an app, which provides a greater flexibility as you can now have any type of customized schema implemented for your store.

- Bootstrap 4 sub template. You can now have product list and tag layouts with support for Boostrap. J2Store already supports Bootstrap 2 and 3. So if you are using a template with Bootstrap 4, then you can get J2Store product lists / detail views in Boostrap 4 as well.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - Price Rounding issues in Schema output
  • Fixed - Sudanese Pound currency code SDD change to SDG
  • Fixed - Email template translation issue when sending from the backend
  • Fixed - Wrong count when exporting the orders as CSV
  • Fixed - Removed unused apps like campaignrabbit & retainful


Version 3.3.16

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - Issues with installing the J2Store and the post config wizard
  • Fixed - Issues with the Print shipping option
  • Fixed - Missing translation in the Itemised Reports
  • Fixed - Thumbnail display issues in options

Version 3.3.15

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - Issues with the manufaturer filters
  • Fixed - Taxes are calculated wrong when multiple tax profiles and tax rates are used in certain configurations.
  • Fixed - Chart module updated to use the latest library
  • Fixed - Issues with saving the address from the frontend
  • Fixed - Fix for filter and filter_dir parameters in certain hosting environments

Version 3.3.14


  • Upsell and Crossell image link and sku space.

Bug Fixes

  • Mini stat module yesterday date order total.
  • My profile pagination issue fixed.
  • Allowed memory size exceeded error fixed for Flexi variable products.
  • Advanced price range issue fixed.
  • MySql 8 product list fix included.
  • Other email addresses showing in My profile fixed.

Version 3.3.13

Security Fix

Fixed - Potential SQL Injection issue that could be caused only when an author with permissions to manage J2Store in the backend. It does not affect untill you have given a someone permissions to manage J2Store in the backend and that person attempts t compromise your website, which is quite unlikely as your own trusted store managers will not make such attempts.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed - Issues with Product Sales Report CSV Export method
  • Fixed - Issues with Address Delete in the My profile section

Version 3.3.12

Bug fixes
  • Fixed - Issues with searching voucher code and country names in the backend
  • Fixed - Wrong timezone used in when date based advanced pricing is set.
  • Fixed - Sorting of products with max price does not work
  • Fixed - Save as copy does not work in the product filters.
  • Fixed - Tax calculation had a minor issue when applying voucher while creating an order in the backend.


Version 3.3.11


- New event for overriding meta fields in the product detail page display.

Security Fix

Fixed - Potential XSS issue that could be caused only when an author with permissions to create articles. It does not affect untill you have given a someone permissions to create articles and that person added a script, which is quite unlikely as your own trusted creators will not include scripts.

Bug fixes

Fixed - Language incorrect when order emails are initiated from the backend in multi-lingual sites
Fixed - conflicts with latest version of fancybox script
Fixed - Updated Schema markup for product listing
Fixed - Campaignrabbit app removed from the package.
Fixed - Paymill plugin is removed as it has deprecated most of its API offerings
Fixed - Payment type value missing when editing and saving an order in the bckend with a coupon or voucher alone.

Version 3.3.10

Bug fixes

  • Fixed - Megamenu conflicts in some templates
  • Fixed - Postcal code validation - only alpha numeric values should be allowed
  • Fixed - Warning messages in FOF2 framework
  • Fixed - Switch to enable / disable cache cleaning in the Content plugin
  • Fixed - Save As Copy is not working in product filters
  • Fixed - Alt tag field for additional images show empty
  • Fixed - Sorting by max price did not work for variants
  • Fixed - TOS popup closes on swipe in mobile
  • Fixed - Currency format issues in the price filter


Version 3.3.9

Bug fixes

  • Fixed - Problem with displaying the product attributes in certain languages.
  • Fixed - Issues with the emails in outlook
  • Fixed - Wrong object used in the clear cart cron service. 
  • Fixed - Postal code validation does not work as the input sanitisation removes space as well.

Version 3.3.8


Security Fix

- A XSS vulnerability was discovered affecting versions from J2Store 3.x to 3.3.7. The issue only affects those who were using the text type product options in their store. The issue has been fixed in the J2Store 3.3.8 and all users are advised to upgrade to 3.3.8


  • Article category ordering has been improved to reflect a better, flexible ordering of products in the Product List View
  • Terms and Conditions and Quickview popups now uses the Fancybox as the bootstrap model often leads to conflicts due to different versions being used by other third party extensions

Other Bug fixes

  • Fixed - Mini stats module displays wrong total in the Yesterday column - combining yesterday and today sales
  • Fixed - Save as copy in flexible variable leads to the variants being ported to the copied article.
  • Fixed - Postal code field now only allows Alpha Numeric value
  • Fixed - Issue with deleting the variants in flexible variable
  • Fixed - Discount message not showing in related products
  • Fixed - Country ID and Zone ID shows up in email template
  • Fixed - custom text field type does not save in the address table
  • Fixed - Country ordering in the estimate shipping should be alphabetical
  • Fixed - Page heading added for cart, checkout and my profile views
  • Fixed - Flexible variable product options does not support JText translation
  • Fixed - Filters and specifications were missing pagination
  • Fixed - Alias warning during update of J2Store


Version 3.3.7

Security Fix

- An SQL Injection issue was found in the versions affecting from J2Store 3.x to 3.3.6. Inadequte escaping of a value led to the issue. The issue has been fixed in the J2Store 3.3.7 and all users are advised to upgrade to 3.3.7

All credits goes to Andrei Conache  for discovering this issue.

Other Bug fixes

  • Fixed - Customer note displays html entities in the backend.
  • Fixed - After applying the voucher, it is now possible to redirect to the cart

Version 3.3.6

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - Price not showing up in the articles view
  • Fixed - Product Tag based layout returns back to list. It does not take to the detailed view
  • Fixed - Retainful API Parameter was found wrong.

Version 3.3.5

New Features

Next Order Coupons - Retainful

Now send a single-use, unique coupon codes to the customers within the order notification emails, which can be used by the customer for the next purchase. We have created an analytics dashboard to see how much revenue you have earned through the conversions.

Key features include:

- Send single-use, unique coupon codes to your customers

- It can be a percentage or a fixed amount

- Automatic coupon code generation. No manual work is involved.

- Coupons can be automatically applied when the customers clicks on the Coupon Box in their email

URL Coupons

Now you can send a coupon code as a query string to your customers and that can be applied when the customers click the link and visits your store.

It will be quite useful, when you send out newsletters or emails and want to include a url that automatically applies a coupon code.


- Flexible variable product now has default option feature. So you can choose a default variant to be auto selected when the customer visits the product page.

- More Currency Exchange API options as the availability of Google Finance API service has been restricted.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - Minor bug in saving the advanced prices
  • Fixed - Selecting multiple order statuses did not work in certain PHP environments
  • Fixed - Standard Shipping methods does not work in Guest checkout
  • Fixed - Language string for the text "free"
  • Fixed - Subscription product not showing stock on product list page for administrator
  • Fixed - price range slider does not work if currency symbol contains apostrophe
  • Fixed - Pagination issue in order history for guests
  • Fixed - Language string missing in Report itemized
  • Fixed - Wrong order status is updated when the minimum sale quantity is set and and the stock is 1
  • Fixed - Specification tab issues in flexible variable products
  • Fixed - Issues with the display of tiered discounts

Version 3.3.4

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - Wrong re-direction at checkout when using Easy Checkout
  • Fixed - Price slider issues in the tag layout
  • Fixed - Campaignrabbit app error in lower PHP versions with lower memory. Optimized to work in lower PHP versions as well (starting from PHP 5.5)

Version 3.3.3


- The built-in Paymill payment gateway now uses the new library released by Paymill.

- Free shipping plugin now has an option to check and apply only when shipping-enabled products are bought.

- Pagination for the order history layout in the front end

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - Saving a new zone does not work
  • Fixed - Fatal error when accessing the My Profile without an active menu in Joomla 3.8.x versions
  • Fixed - Choosing multiple order statuses did not work in the plugin
  • Fixed - Clearing the filters does not work in multi-lingual environment
  • Fixed - Date issues in the mini order status and order status
  • Fixed - CSS issues causing problems in PDF invoice generation
  • Fixed - Issue with the route url format in multi-lingual sites

Version 3.3.2

New features

Campaignrabbit Integration

J2Store is now integrated with Campaignrabbit, the eCommerce marketing automation. The integration helps you automate your marketing efforts. It helps you run abandoned cart recovery, win-back, product recommendation, follow-up campaigns. The app can sync the customers and orders to Campaignrabbit automatically upon receiving an order.


- A simple TLS check implemented for PayPal plugin. So you can now check if your server uses valid TLS protocol using PayPal's TLS check utility

- Pagination for the order history layout in the front end

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - while printing order details, the margins are not being set properly
  • Fixed - When multiple language associations are used, the cart and checkout layouts had trouble finding the right menu
  • Fixed - Price range filter produces PHP warning notices
  • Fixed - Flexible variable data does not save correctly when pagination is used

Version 3.3.1


- Added a method to dynamically include jquery if it is not found. This avoids a number of situations that have wrong script handling.

- Currency exchange rate now uses cURL. Helpful for those in shared hosts that block allow_url_fopen settings

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - The API based fetch method in PayPal plugin was found using GET method. Changed it to POST as per PayPal's API updates
  • Fixed - GPDR compliance hooks are implemented.
  • Fixed - Flexible variable price display issue has been solved

Version 3.3.0

New Product Type: Flexible Variable (PRO feature)

Introducing an all new product type - Flexible Variable. The existing variable product type uses a rigid Cartesian algorithm which makes adding and editing existing variants a time-consuming job. So we have come up with a new product type called - flexible variable. As the name suggests, the new product type makes it very easy to manage your variants.

Key features of the product type includes :

  • Add / edit variants without re-generating them.
  • You can just make one tuple as primary variant while the remaining can have the attribute any. Example: Sizes can be variants (each of which could have a price, stock etc), while the colours can be any.
  • Easy variant management interface.
  • Variants can be removed without re-generating them
  • Each variant can have a price, stock, image, quantity restrictions, availability etc.

Backorder Label

When customer makes an order including the items that could be backordered, there are no indication made to the store administrators. Now a label "backordered" would be included so that the store managers could easily find and fulfill those items when stock is replenished.


  • Apps can be easily filtered in the App Store
  • Added create account link in the My Profile login page

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - Access level for individual product view not working correctly
  • Fixed - Order creation in the backend does not allow future dates.
  • Fixed - BYR currency symbol changed to BYN
  • Fixed - Placeholder option included for custom checkout fields
  • Fixed - My profile login does not work in certain situations because of missing view parameter.
  • Fixed - Adding an order from the backend does not work when the cart is viewable to registered users

Version 3.2.29

App Store

Introducing App Store. Now you can browse all the payment, shipping, reporting plugins, apps and integration for J2Store within your site itself.

There is no need to visit our marketplace again and again when you want to extend the capability of your online store with additional features.

Early versions of J2Store have used the Yahoo Finance API, which has now been discountinued by Yahoo. Users of early versions of J2Store have to update to the latest version in order to get real-time exchange rates automatically.


- Cron url for clearing the cart at frequent intervals

- Option selector now uses the JQuery chosen. Removed the Autocomplete as it conflicts while multiple jquery UI instances are present.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - Searching manufacturers in the backend does not work
  • Fixed - Ie / Edge sometimes cache ajax requests. So no cache directive is set for all ajax requests now.
  • Fixed - Issue with adding additional images
  • Fixed - The unique name for options now check for duplicates
  • Fixed - Download ID in the dashboard has been fixed.
  • Fixed - Old cart clear should be carried based on created date rather than modified date
  • Fixed - Typo in SagePay payment gateway
  • Fixed - Wrong article is being loaded when two articles have same aliases in different categories. This is fixed by passing the category id in the query
  • Fixed - BTC code for Bitcoin added to the currency list
  • Fixed - Issue with the bootstrap modal when the pages have same modal id.

Version 3.2.28

Important update - Currency Updater app

Since Google has introduced changes to its financial services API, there will be troubles in getting the currency exchange rates in real time. Upgrading to this version solves the issue. We have de-coupled the currency exchange rate update service and made as an app. You can find the currency updater app in J2Store Apps section. Please enable it (automatically it is published on update).

By de-coupling it, we have now given the possibility for the third party developers to integrate J2Store with any other currency exchange rate services.

Early versions of J2Store have used the Yahoo Finance API, which has now been discountinued by Yahoo. Users of early versions of J2Store have to update to the latest version in order to get real-time exchange rates automatically.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - Use main image as thumbnail is not working for variable products
  • Fixed - In slower sites, there is a chance for the default variant to get selected always
  • Fixed - conflicts with the modal window when both Bootstrap 2 and 3 javascript libraries are loaded
  • Fixed - Quantity field lacks min attribute which should be set to 0
  • Fixed - Wrong Ajax urls in shipping estimate calculator when Ngnix was used as webserver
  • Fixed - J2Store helper class loading should be checked in the J2Store user registration plugin especially when used in the backend
  • Fixed - Detailed cart item attribute names should be passed through JText wrapper for translation
  • Fixed - The thank you page return url is now taken with proper menu item id
  • Fixed - Style issues with the Voucher history toolbar
  • Fixed - Short code added for shipping total weight
  • Fixed - Direct url call to add a product to cart will fail if quantity key is not found. Fixed it by defaulting to 1
  • Fixed - CSS class added for order item attributes in the items table
  • Fixed - Order status validation made flexible when validating a download file call.
  • Improvement - Switch added to show / hide address fields in the user registration form via the User register plugin

Version 3.2.27

Key Improvements in 3.2.27

  • Switch added to turn on/off font-awesome css library
  • Paymill plugin now supports Sofort banking option

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the broken detail cart layout in the cart module.
  • Fixed the issue with searching for related products  in a few PHP environments
  • Switch that controls add to cart display for public/registered users is now working correctly
  • Fetching user details upon login before checkout is corrected
  • Quickview has been changed from Squeezbox to use the native Bootstrap Model
  • Country and zone names are wrapped in JText for translation
  • Fixed issue with the SagePay delivery address
  • Negative quantity prevention check has been added
  • Fixed issued with the discount text for variable products
  • Required fields for manufacturers is reduced to one

Version 3.2.26

Key Improvements in 3.2.26

  • Loading cart data in the Cart module is optimized
  • SKU search implemented for Itemised report
  • Support added for editing the address data of the users in the Users manager (PRO feature)
  • Limit count for downloadable products in an order could be reset from the backend

Bug Fixes

  • Product data is not getting saved when using MySQL PDO driver
  • Better check implemented to detect the presence of CW Multi-categories.
  • Loading cart data in the Cart module is optimized
  • SKU search implemented for Itemised report
  • GHS currency code changed to GHC
  • Language selector issue with the Falang has been fixed.
  • Price filter does not work in Bootstrap 3 layout
  • Default address selection does not work in the checkout in some environments. Fixed
  • Missing language strings for tag layout corrected

Version 3.2.25

New Features and Improvements in 3.2.25

Tags based product list layout

This is one of the most wanted features by store owners. Now you can use tags to organise your products and display the products by using tags in your store front.

The new layout is similar to the existing products list layout. However, it allows you to list products by tag instead of the category. The layout is compatible with both Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3.

Other key improvements and features in this release are:

  • Order table now supports multiple order types, giving developers a complete freedom to build any type of custom ecommerce solutions based on J2Store.
  • Variant stock can now be updated easily via the inventory manager
  • Visible in store front is now set to 1 when creating the product.

Bug Fixes

  • Products could not be selected in coupon view when searched.
  • Price filter now filters when the GO button is clicked. Sending multiple ajax requests results in fatal errors.
  • Removed the min-quantity attribute as it is not relevant
  • Pagination issues in the tags when editing the product


Version 3.2.24

New Features and Improvements in 3.2.24

Order table now supports multiple order types, giving developers a complete freedom to build any type of custom ecommerce solutions based on J2Store.

Variant stock can now be updated easily via the inventory manager

Visible in store front is now set to 1 when creating the product.

Bug Fixes

- Order created by is getting re-set to administrator when editing an order from the backend and saving the first page.

- Javascript re-loads multiple times when auto-apply shipping is set. Removed the javascript. Now the shipping method is applied during the calculation logic itself.

- Queue re-peat count does not work due to character treatment

- Image selection popup duplicates due to multiple initialization of squeezbox

- The upload file product option creates a javascript error resulting in the script running multiple times.

- Order list field type has a bug with multi-selection

- Currency_value column in order table should accept at least 8 decimal points

- Exported orders have wrong shipping country code

Version 3.2.23

Joomla 3.5, 3.6, 3.7.x and PHP 7 compatible

Requires Joomla 3.4.x or higher

New Features and Improvements in 3.2.23

- Now you can filter the out of stock products in the backend inventory manager

- Compatibility added for the latest releases of CW Multi-categories extension

- Shipment tracking id field is now available even if no shipping method is selected for an order.

- Ordering has been implemented for the order status lists

Bug Fixes

- Invoice template does not work correct in somecases when a user group is selected

- Google Analytics Tracking codes / other tracking codes does not work as order id is cleared too early.

- Language strings should not be escaped with a backslash

- Filter submit even does not fire correctly

Version 3.2.22

Released on: "Monday, 17 April 2017"

Joomla 3.5, 3.6, 3.7.x and PHP 7 compatible

Requires Joomla 3.4.x or higher

New Features and Improvements in 3.2.22

- Extend the default Joomla registration fields to collect billing address (with the new user plugin) - only in PRO version

- Show the order history in the default Joomla user profile page. So you can now use the default Joomla profile page also as your customer's profile page and display his order history, downloads etc. - Available only in PRO version

- The billing / shipping country codes are added to the exported orders CSV

- Related product's image width could be set in the backend parameters

Bug Fixes

- Fatal error occurs if a product params is not a valid JSON in the product list view

- Issues with the cart page routing fixed

- Option values should not be deleted if they are associated to a product.

- Image element now have title attribute

- On selection shipping text caused javascript conflict.

- Subscription payment plugins produced a minor JS conflict due to script ordering

- Trashed products show up in the one-page inventory management section

Version 3.2.21

Released on: "Thursday, 23 March 2017 "

Joomla 3.5, 3.6, 3.7.x and PHP 7 compatible

Requires Joomla 3.4.x or higher

New Features and Improvements in 3.2.21

- PayPal plugin now supports transaction collation. Just in case the IPN does not arrive, a cron task could be set to regularly check PayPal API and mark the order status correctly

- Now plugins / apps can include a menu and a submenu in the sidebar of j2store

- A on-selection display text could be added for standard shipping methods. Just like the payment methods

Bug Fixes

- Price filter can now display the figure as currency formatted

- Order stats module uses a wrong timezone. offset is not taken into consideration

- Eager pre-filling of address from default user profile is optimised

- Deleting product options does not work in the front-end product editing.

- Offline payment plugins now implement an additional hash validation. Just to ensure the validity of the transaction.

Version 3.2.20

Released on: "Wednesday, 08 March 2017"

Joomla 3.5, 3.6, 3.7.x and PHP 7 compatible

Requires Joomla 3.4.x or higher

New Features and Improvements in 3.2.20

- New Canonical plugin (PRO feature) helps you avoid duplicate urls in Google. The plugin dynamically detects and adds canonical urls.

- Compatibility for Joomla 3.7

- ReplyTo added for the admin emails

- Re-send email button for order detail view

- Expand toggle added for product creation screen. Helps saving some real-estate.

Bug Fixes

- Updating session ID upon login from non-ecommerce pages leads to wrong session data

- Catalog mode does not take effect in up-sell and cross-sells

- Filter name and group name wrapped with JText

- Invalid voucher message does not show upon applying in the cart

- Payment address type removed.

- Article ordering in the front end product list is fixed

- Upload file option in configurable product removes cart action complete block

Version 3.2.19

Released on: " Tuesday, 24 January 2017"

Joomla 3.5, Joomla 3.6 and PHP 7 compatible

Requires Joomla 3.4.x, 3.5.x, 3.6.x or higher

New Features and Improvements in 3.2.19

- Placeholder for Text field type in product options

- Coupons categories are now compatible with CW Multi-category extension

- Switch added to turn on / off sending the default email if no email template found

- Duration filter added for the Itemised report

Bug Fixes

- Content plugin breaks other plugins that uses the attribs field

- PHP 7.1.0 fatal error. Array should be checked only once

- Price filter values are not converted to selected currency exchange value

- Adding configurable product from backend looks for the view in the admin folders. It should actually look into the frontend folders

- Currency value type changed to decimal because floating point problem in mysql

- Visible in storefront filter not working in the catalog filters

- Shortcodes are visible in the product list view. They should be removed as they are not parsed in there.

- Offline payment plugins now submit the order via Ajax. Direct submit leads to duplicate emails if customer presses refresh button

- Only enabled vouchers could be used for discount. If it is disabled, it cannot be used.

- Sorting function in the Report - Products fixed

- Creating order in the backend does not check for billing / shipping address

- jQuery UI is now being loaded for the order creation screen as it is required.

Version 3.2.18

Released on: "Thursday, 15 December 2016"

Joomla 3.5, Joomla 3.6 and PHP 7 compatible

Requires Joomla 3.4.x, 3.5.x, 3.6.x or higher

New Features and Improvements in 3.2.18

Bug Fixes

- Product Image selection not working while editing a product

- Product reports sorting

- Variant thumbnail images not updating dynamically

- Product Catalog search and filters improved

- Product editing pagination in variants fixed

- Vouchers history calculating totals fixed

- Invoice templates in different language not loading in few cases

Version 3.2.17

Released on: "Tuesday, 29 November 2016"

Joomla 3.5, Joomla 3.6 and PHP 7 compatible

Requires Joomla 3.4.x, 3.5.x, 3.6.x or higher

New Features and Improvements in 3.2.17

- Log out button added to My Profile section

- Additional email / invoice template short code: [CUSTOMER_GROUP]

- Coupon and voucher moved from session to cart table

Bug Fixes

- While creating an order in the backend, orderinfo table was not updated when address section was skipped

- Content plugin now prevents j2store from saving data to the attribs column of content table. It is not necessary to have the data dumped in the column

- Notify customer should be called after download permissions are granted. Otherwise, remote storage plugins could not function effectively

- Language strings in the administrator menu module are fixed

- Missing language strings in Curreny switcher module added

- Common main image for variable product is now possible

- Zone ordering in the front end made alphabetic

- Hiding quantity field causes the field to be shown above the cart.

- Voucher total calculation should exclude unpaid orders

- Router issue when quick view is called from product display module

- Product / catalog search feature in backend fixed

Version 3.2.16

Released on: "Wednesday, 19 October 2016"

Joomla 3.5, Joomla 3.6 and PHP 7 compatible

Requires Joomla 3.4.x, 3.5.x, 3.6.x or higher

New Features and Improvements in 3.2.16

- Added Support for Joomla 3.6.3

Version 3.2.15

Released on: "Thursday, 22 September 2016"

Joomla 3.5, Joomla 3.6 and PHP 7 compatible

Requires Joomla 3.4.x, 3.5.x, 3.6.x or higher

New Features and Improvements in 3.2.15

- Added support for Image Popup App. Now, Product Image section customisation is made easier.

- Admin Customers section list all custom fields in customer address

- Editing of customer addresses in admin customer section

- Apply Voucher now supports shipping fee

- Conservative caching excluded for all front-end views

Bug fixes 3.2.15

[HIGH] Email templates language filter fails in some cases

[MEDIUM] Variant image change zoom support

[MEDIUM] Sometimes fails to recognise customer groups and change pricing

[MEDIUM] file upload script response hides the checkout link

[MEDIUM] Coupon creation: product and category filter fields type changed to text

[MEDIUM] Quickview popup button not working in certain browsers

[LOW] Cart module Detailcartonhover layout shows wrong line item price

[LOW] Coupon filters not applicable in admin order creation

[LOW] Cannot select a User in admin Order creation

[LOW] Coupon applies even if disabled

[LOW] Quantity field display does not recognise the menu options (bug appeared in 3.2.14)

[LOW] Existance of the date and time picker elements are checked in JS before loading datetime scripts

[LOW] Cart module to dispaly original filename of uploaded file option

[LOW] Callback controller also excluded from caching

[LOW] customer address deletion in Customer section

Version 3.2.14

Released on: "Wednesday, 17 August 2016"

Joomla 3.5, Joomla 3.6 and PHP 7 compatible

Requires Joomla 3.4.x, 3.5.x, 3.6.x or higher

New Features and Improvements in 3.2.14

- Falang SEF URLs support added with an option to control

- optimised query and inventry for menu items

- Plugin events added for Tax Calculation

- Special pricing data is now made available in product pricing object.

- Cache expires header is sent in cart module

- payment custom field edit

- DisplayPrice event now has the price variable.

- Displaying Product quantity through j2store library and provide flexibility through plugin events

- History entry for email notification improved

- Magic_quotes backward compatibility added.

Bug fixes 3.2.14

[HIGH] filter undefined router issue fixed

[MEDIUM] Save Email template issue fixed

[MEDIUM] Cart cleared on confirmation of free order

[MEDIUM] price filter currency position

[MEDIUM] when group is public must send email to every one

[LOW] fixed default zone set

[LOW] filter group name in default template fixed

[LOW] show / hide image in email template params in configuration

[LOW] variant paginantion image popup fixed

[LOW] delete and duplicate address

[LOW] Notify customer method now checks for JMailer object

Version 3.2.13

Released on: "Saturday, 16 July"

Joomla 3.5, Joomla 3.6 and PHP 7 compatible

Requires Joomla 3.4.x, 3.5.x, 3.6.x or higher

New Features and Improvements in 3.2.13

- Page cache management plugin: Now you can use page cache and exclude just the J2Store pages from page caching.

- Free shipping plugin now has User group exclusion filter

- Variants can have unique main image. When changing vairants, the main image can also change

- You can set a re-direct url when cart is empty

- You can now add an Empty cart button to your cart view

- Auto cleaning of cart records that are very old and not necessary.

- CoD payment plugin can now be turned on / off based on Minimum / maximum order value

Bug fixes 3.2.13

- Save2copy method in variable product removes variants from source products

- Edit button produces layout error in the backend

- If dupliate alias found in multi-lingual site, product defaults to first found article

- Surcharge applies even if the order total is 0

- Product list price filter logic rewritten to include variable items too

- Price range does not apply to variable products correctly.

- Numbers ware not displayed in payment screen line item title

- Sorting payments produces an error

- When all variants are out of stock product id is missing from the ajax request

- Rmeoved $.browser code. Not required any more

- Input filtering save does not work

- Product edit form checkbox fields cannot be unset once set

- Cart module params are not passed in ajax request

- Display Linebreak in customer note and textarea custom fields hotfix

- Stock management misleading help text fixed

- Error in sending error email in paypal

- Order download expiry problem fixed

Version 3.2.12

Released on: "Monday, 09 May 2016"

Joomla 3.5 and PHP 7 compatible

Requires Joomla 3.4.x, 3.5.x or higher

Bug fixes 3.2.12

[MEDIUM] Flickering in detail cart on hover

[MEDIUM] Mailer exception handling

[MEDIUM] Wrong currency position in the price filter

[LOW] Line breaks shown in email / invoice templates

[LOW] improved order stock update

[LOW] improved getting a default variant and better variable stock management

[LOW] edit order user field popup fixed

[LOW] admin order search by customer data

[LOW] order download expiry in certain cases

[LOW] Better handling of multiple records save

[LOW] Language friendly entites (countries, zone, product options, manufacturers etc)

Improvements in 3.2.12

- Important : Update cdn URL changed to The warning in admin dashboard will now disappear.

- Joomla user profile autosync with customer address during checkout.

- ACL implemented for orders and reports.

- Print order and print shipping address buttons added to backend order view

- Display Shipping tracking id in admin order details

- When all of the variants are outofstock the product by default shows outofstock

- Ajax requests script re-written in GET method.

- Login on enter key press in checkout.

- Clear cart button added

Version 3.2.11

Released on: "Saturday, 09 April"

Joomla 3.5 and PHP 7 compatible

Requires Joomla 3.4.x, 3.5.x or higher

Bug fixes 3.2.11

[HIGH] If J2Store system plugin was left when uninstalling or installing, it will cause a fatal error.

[MEDIUM] Address pre-fill from user profile is fixed

[MEDIUM] Router issues with wishlist and compare products

[MEDIUM] Filter loading image does not hide

[MEDIUM] orderitems template path is corrected. In store front it will look for the override in the active template, while in backend, it will be from the default template.

[LOW] Filter group ordering issues fixed

[LOW] Unpublishing filter group does not reflect in the frontend

[LOW] Category ordering is now inherited from the categories manager

[LOW] Line breaks shown in email / invoice templates

[LOW] Profile return url is wrong

[LOW] Shipping list ID duplication for standard shipping

[LOW] Add css class to body tag while viewing single product

Improvements in 3.2.11

- Item stock adjustment on editing / deleting items from an order

- An article can be linked to the brand

Version 3.2.10

Released on: "Thursday, 24 March 2016"

Release notes

Joomla 3.5 and PHP 7 compatible

Bug fixes 3.2.10

[HIGH] Product images could not be added in Joomla 3.5

[MEDIUM] Added native Falang support

[LOW] Breadcrumb in product list not consitant

NOTE: The previous version 3.2.9 archive was damaged during the upload process. So please update to this version in case you have updated to 3.2.9 earlier.

New Features since 3.2.7

Shipping troubleshooter wizard

Having issues with shipping ? You can now troubleshoot using this wizard. The Wizard helps you find out the most common mistakes made during the setup.

Test email connection

You can now test the email connection from your store settings. If you are not getting any emails from your store, then this will help you detect the issue.


- Bootstrap compatibility has been improved thanks to the excellent work by Waseem :-)

- Related products search now shows SKU along with title

- Switch to hide / show category name in breadcrumbs.

- Address from Joomla user profile will be pre-filled if available

- Page title can be shown now at the category listing page.