100 different uses of J2Store

With J2Store, there is always something new to discover. You can use J2Store for creating an online store selling products. Unlimited. That is a common usage. However, that is not just the only usage. You can use J2Store in 100 different innovative ways because it is flexible and natively works with Joomla Articles.

There are store owners who use J2Store for selling tickets online. Some use it sell online courses. There are people who use it to take orders with a range of customer preferences. There is one store owner who uses it for Travel Insurance booking.

So here we list several ways of using J2Store for your Joomla e-Commerce website.

We will be publishing one use-case a day for the next 100 days.

So stay tuned to know more. .....

Creating a Booking form

Let's say your business provides certain healthcare services. Like conducting thyroid and blood tests at the home of the patient. Now your patient will have to make an appointment with you for a home visit. You can make it easy for your patient by allowing him to book an appointment online. J2Store allows you to create a booking form on your website. You can collect patient info with the form. All your patient needs to do is fill in the required fields and book the appointment. You can then collect and process the forms and accordingly provide the required services. Learn how to create a booking form on your store with this video.

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