100 different uses of J2Store

With J2Store, there is always something new to discover. You can use J2Store for creating an online store selling products. Unlimited. That is a common usage. However, that is not just the only usage. You can use J2Store in 100 different innovative ways because it is flexible and natively works with Joomla Articles.

There are store owners who use J2Store for selling tickets online. Some use it sell online courses. There are people who use it to take orders with a range of customer preferences. There is one store owner who uses it for Travel Insurance booking.

So here we list several ways of using J2Store for your Joomla e-Commerce website.

We will be publishing one use-case a day for the next 100 days.

So stay tuned to know more. .....

Sell digital goods, PDF, ebooks with J2Store

Your store is a lot easier to manage when you've decided to sell digital goods. You neither have to manage inventory for your products nor have to spend on shipping and storage. The best part is that J2Store makes it even more easy to sell digital goods online. You can sell PDFs, ebooks, music and video files on your store. Just click the 'downloadable product' option and you sell right away.

  • You can sell PDFs, ebooks, music, video files, tickets and much more on your store.
  • Set a limit for number of downloads and the duration that the file will be available.
  • You can sell the content directly from your site or from Amazon S3 /dropbox.
  • Sell any files in any format.
  • Turn your Joomla articles into products.
  • You can restrict content to a specific user group and set different prices.

Love this feature? Download J2Store here