100 different uses of J2Store

With J2Store, there is always something new to discover. You can use J2Store for creating an online store selling products. Unlimited. That is a common usage. However, that is not just the only usage. You can use J2Store in 100 different innovative ways because it is flexible and natively works with Joomla Articles.

There are store owners who use J2Store for selling tickets online. Some use it sell online courses. There are people who use it to take orders with a range of customer preferences. There is one store owner who uses it for Travel Insurance booking.

So here we list several ways of using J2Store for your Joomla e-Commerce website.

We will be publishing one use-case a day for the next 100 days.

So stay tuned to know more. .....

Selling Gift vouchers

J2Store enables you to sell gift vouchers online at your eCommerce store. It could be a sold along with a product’s purchase or as a stand-alone product itself. Every time a customer purchases a product/voucher, a gift certificate is generated. The redeemable gift code of the certificate can be sent along as a PDF file. The layout of the PDF can also be designed and customized from the backend. The gift vouchers once bought will be sent to the customer’s email. If they want to gift it to another person, then the email will be sent to the customer as well as the receiver. Buying vouchers or gifting vouchers, both are hassle free.

The email template is also customizable. This lets you get a small note from the customer so that the email to the receiver can be sent with a personalized message. The customization can be extended to the date as well. You can choose when the email with the gift certificate is to be sent to the given email id. With the voucher code, they can redeem offers from your store. You can choose on what offers can the code be applied. It could be a store-wide offer or for a specific product or category!

Simply put, you can sell gift vouchers and manipulate their scope at any level.

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