Version: 1.0.3
Updated on: 2019-02-26
Developer: J2Store
Required J2Store Version: 3.2.10 +
PHP version: 5.5 +

Version: 1.0.12
Developer: J2Store
Required J2Store Version: 3.3.1 +
PHP version: 5.6 +
Element: app_gdpr

As you have all heard by now, the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force from May 25, 2018. There are quite a few changes are necessary if you are running an online store. Any store that located in European Union or sells to people in the EU will have to comply with the GDPR rules.

This extension would help you comply with the GDPR rules in your J2Store powered Joomla online store.

NOTE: Even if your store is located outside European Union, you will have to comply with the GDPR rules if you sell to any EU country or any customer from EU purchases a product from your website.

app gdprfeatures1

Additional terms and conditions link

The extension adds a GDPR Consent and Privacy Policy link at the checkout (Like the terms and conditions). You can use this to take the consent of a EU customer to store his personal data (that is, the address data).

app gdprfeatures2

One click delete address button

This extension adds a Delete address button. So customer can choose to delete the address stored in the site.Adds Delete all Addresses button. One click deletion of all addresses of the customer (Only for registered users). NOTE: The address associated with an order would not be deleted.

Custom request form

A form would be displayed at the my profile page, through which users could place a request to the store admin to delete their information stored on the site.

app gdprfeatures3
app gdprfeatures4

Logging user activities

Editing / deleting activities can be logged and/or notified to both the customers and/or administrators. The setting to store the logging can be turned off. Turning off this setting would mean that the activities of the users would not be logged from there on.

Customize the validation message and GDPR link text

If you wish to change the text of the validation message or the GDPR link text, it is possible by creating overrides for the language constants available at the app's settings.

app gdprfeatures5

Version: 1.1.5
Updated on: 2017-11-21
Developer: J2Store
Required J2Store Version: 3.2.25 +
PHP version: 5.5 +

- Added API support - Added Webook

Integrate your online store with ShipStation and manage your deliveries effectively. Synchronize the orders from your J2Store and automatically get the tracking number from ShipStation.

The plugin uses the ShipStation API to send the order information to your ShipStation account and uses the WebHooks to get the Tracking Number as soon as you Ship your package.

It also allows you to manually synchronize the orders from your J2Store Sales Dashboard. You can also fetch the tracking numbers for the orders shipped through Shipstation.

ShipStation is one of the famous shipping management and fulfillment tool which integrates with a number of shipping carriers including USPS and more.

app shipfeatures1

Automatically synchronize orders and customer information .

Now you can synchronize the orders placed in your site as and when they are placed.

Fetch Tracking Number for an order automatically via WebHooks

You can fetch the tracking number for individual orders using webhooks while you ship through Shipstation. And these tracking numbers can be used to view the status of the shipments.

app shipfeatures2
app shipfeatures3

Option to synchronize orders and customer information manually .

Now you can synchronize the orders placed in your site with Shipstation manually as well. Order synchronization can be done manually from the orders history in backend.

Multi-carrier shipping integration

You need not worry about the shipping carriers you are using to ship your orders cause shipstation is a multi-carrier shipping solution that supports integration with different shipping carriers.

app shipfeatures4

Version: 1.41
Updated on: 2017-08-10
Developer: J2Store
Required J2Store Version: 3.2.10 +
PHP version: 5.5 +
Element: app_point

Reward your customers with points and encourage them to spend more on your website. The extension adds a comprehensive rewards and points feature to your shop.

Customer can earn points and redeem them for discounts. You can set how many points a customer should earn for each dollar spent. You can also set how many points can be redeemed for a specific discount amount.

Detailed documentation for the plugin can be found at our user guide.

global settings

User-friendly set up of the points and redemption rules globally

Provide points and rewards to your customers with the interactive interface of this plugin. Now defining points that can be earned for all the products is as easy as ABC.

product level settings width=840

Product level points and rewards

Now set up special points and rewards for specific products apart from the settings configured globally. You can set up extra points and rewards if customer buys a particular product.

Points to be earned and redeemed

Define points earned for purchases and the value of the points for redeeming. For example if a user buys a specific product you could offer 5 points and set the value as 100 points and the amount that will be reduced for the points earned.

multi-person bookings
point types

Earn points types

Choose whether points earned should be fixed or percentage of the product price. For example you can set a certain number as the points to be earned for buying a product or choose to award points based on the product price's percentage.

Award points for sign up action

Now you can offer points if a user signs up.

sign up action points
booking multiple days

Manage points from backend

Manage points earned by the customers at the backend. View the points earned by each user using the manage points option. Add points for users using the add user points option.


Developer : J2Store
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Version: 1.0.38
Updated on: 2019-01-23
Developer: J2Store
Required J2Store Version: 3.3.0 +
PHP version: 5.6 +

Easy checkout is an one-step checkout extension for J2Store.

While shopping stuff online, while users decide to buy a product, they tend to spend quite sometime in the checkout process. To facilitate the checkout process into a smooth and less time-consuming one, we at J2Store have rolled out this extension.

When the checkout process is seamless, there is a high chance that people tend to come back for more, hence increasing the sales.

With the Easy Checkout, the customer can fill in the billing and shipping address, choose a shipping method, the payment option and place the order. This eliminates multiple button clicks. Customer can place an order with minimal efforts.

Minimum requirements:

- Joomla version 3.4 +

- PHP version 5.6 +

- J2Store 3.3.0 +

Live Demo

app easycheckoutfeatures1

The real time-saver

The default checkout process depends on Ajax requests. That is users will be able to navigate to the next section only after passing the validation checks of the previous section. On the contrary, the easy checkout plugin provides an option to key in the data simultaneously, eliminating multiple validations and reducing the time taken for the checkout process considerably to an optimum extent.

app easycheckoutfeatures2

A responsive and mobile-friendly design

While reducing the time taken for the checkout process, this conponent provides a responsive and mobile-friendly checkout workflow, thus making the checkout experience smooth and seamless. The component supports both Bootstrap2 and Bootstrap3.

Get, set in a giffy

Easy checkout does not require special set up and configuration. Just install the component, create a menu and you are set to allow your users checkout easily. As simple as that.

app easycheckoutfeatures3
app easycheckoutfeatures4

Create overrides as easy as pie

Since the easy checkout is installed as a separate component, creating overrides can be done without difficulties.

Login, register and place orders

Easy checkout allows users to register, login, add new addresses and checkout as guest users as well.

app easycheckoutfeatures5