Why You'll love J2Store V3 

The latest J2Store version 3.2.7 update has rolled in, and has already acquired a huge fan base. 

If you haven't still gotten it, then its high time you do! 

The new version is more stable, flexible and compatible with the latest Joomla update.

Here's why you've GOT to update to J2store 3.2.7 

  • Support has been deprecated for V2(2.x.x)

Users who are still loyal to J2Store 2.0, we'd love to help you better, and provide greater support so your business can succeed. All you've got to do is upgrade to J2Store 3.2.7 and become a part of an amazing ecommerce journey.

•    The latest version of J2store is extremely 'feature rich'. For one thing, you now have better customizable layouts and desig

•    International Standard/level store design - Choose from a wide list of templates

•    In addition to this, we have incorporated a special shipping troubleshooter that diagnoses common mistakes with regard to shipping in the settings.

•    65+ world's most popular payments gateways integrated.

•    More flexible shipping options with standard shipping plugins and advanced shipping plugins. 

•    Send invoices like a pro. Design, customise & automate your invoicing.

We have also thrown in some great improvements and added a few tweaks to improve functionality.

The new update will also increase the site speed of your online store. While the earlier J2Store versions offered great security, this new update is even more foolproof.

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