API for J2Store

Well! Its an ambitious work. We already have built the Products API. The cart, checkout, shipping and payment APIs are under progress.

Expected Availability : Around the end of December 2016

That was long. Considering the complexity involved, we would need this time.

Bundled Product type

Bundling the products is a great way to get the customers to spend more. As giving bundle offers makes the customers to get more at a less price. So they click Buy happily.

Expected Availability : Second week of August

Mini POS

A number of store owners requested it. We have the draft of the development plan. It will provide a simple online POS interface to your store. So you scan a barcode (which is same as the SKU or the UPC) and it adds the product to the order. You can add / edit / remove the items. You can bill the customer, collect cash and register the order. And print it

Expected Availability : By Mid October.